About Us

Candabra is a women owned family business.  We have always enjoyed family time and family projects, so it was only natural for us to embark on this journey.

We have created the first ever multi-conforming thermal beverage sleeve!

Numerous companies have adapted to the growing configurations of beverage cans, by offering separate size holders, for slim, and standard cans.  This is a fine solution if you only plan to serve, or drink, a specific beverage.  Reality is that you want flexibility!  Along came a more expensive option that utilizes multiple screw, or pop-in pieces, to secure multiple size containers. Another fine solution, if you want to keep up with all of those extra pieces.  Reality is the pieces go missing after a few beverages.

With this pain point in mind we began brainstorming, drawing, and prototyping different solutions.  The result is the all NEW Candabra!   

The simple yet effective design of the Candabra is the first of its kind on the market!

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Our Family's wedding photos

 P.S.  Wish we would have invented these before our two recent weddings! They are a perfect wedding favor!